Maxwell Haddock

Former medical examiner with the City of New York


MAXWELL HADDOCK, Age 34, Doctor of Medicine
STR 12 CON 12 SIZ 13 INT 16 POW 16
DEX 11 APP 9 EDU 18 SAN 80 HP 13
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Weapons: .38 or 9mm Revolver 25%, damage 1D10
Armor: none
Skills: Archeology 25%, Biology 66%, Credit Rating 45%, Drive Automobile 28%, First Aid 45%, Handgun 25%, Hide 25%, Language: Latin 30%, Library Use 70%, Listen 35%, Medicine 80%, Occult 55%, Persuade 33%, Pharmacy 39%, Psychoanalysis 59%, Sneak 20%, Spot Hidden 50%


Max Haddock received his PhD in medicine from NYU in 1914. A promising student from an upper class family.

He spent 10 years as a medical examiner for the City of New York specializing in serial murder and the criminally insane. During this time he developed an intense interest in the occult.

While his career has been very successful, he has recently decided to take a leave of absence from his work and explore the possibility of working privately and pursue his personal interests.

Maxwell Haddock

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