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I am the last . . . I will tell the audient void…

“I saw hooded forms amidst ruins, and yellow evil faces peering from behind fallen monuments. And I saw the world battling against blackness; against the waves of destruction from ultimate space; whirling, churning, struggling around the dimming, cooling sun.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

The year is 1925, New York City has become an overcrowded, cacophony of sights and sounds. The rush to reach the top is not only a metaphor for the struggling working class and rich fat-cat tycoons but also for the towering skyscrapers, reaching ever higher in a breakneck pace with the hubris to touch the sky.

Extravagance breeds overindulgence as lavish soirees, booze, drugs, and debauchery rule the jazz-filled nights. Wealth and illegal alcohol is pouring in across the borders like the immigrants that pack Ellis Island by thousands every day.

Self-indulgence, corruption, and egotism rule Wall Street and few have the clarity any longer to see the crash that lies ahead that will bring a nation to it’s knees.

These hedonistic pursuits destroy traditional values,and have led the way to increasing mob violence as the streets and back-alleyways become the stage for murder and muggings. Sinister foreign elements infiltrate the city like a plague. Filling run-down tenements with vice, wickedness, and strange subversive perversions

Normally complacent, a telegram from your friend Jackson Elias has shaken you to action. His urgent and cryptic message will expose you to the the dark underside of the City that Never Sleeps, and far, far worse things in the months to come.

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Lost Expedition: The Search for Roger Carlyle

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